Understanding Risk and Gamble | Vikram Limsay | Careertainment

Understanding Risk and Gamble | Vikram Limsay | Careertainment

Understanding Risk and Gamble | Vikram Limsay | Careertainment

Watch this video till the end and you will know WHAT is a risk and gamble , HOW to take them and IS IT GOOD for you. After watching this video you will understand the underlying philosophy behind RISK & GAMBLE and you will be ready to take a few risks and gamble yourself iun your business, career & profession in manner that you increase your chances of success. Remember there is NOTHING called as “ZERO Risk” or “NO Risk” . No risk is perhaps the biggest risk you will take and UNKNOWINGLY. Vikram Limsay evaluates the concept of a risk and gamble in a scientific manner such that you can take them knowingly with open eyes thereby maximizing your chances of success

Vikram Limsay is a Business strategist.

Apple, Titan, Stanley Black & Decker, JCB, Essilor, Schneider, Herbalife, Motul, Gati Logistics .. are just a few of his list of clients that includes global transnationals, Indian enterprises, small emerging enterprises & leaders

His 30 year experience is a rich mix of being a professional manager in the blue chip TAS (Tata Administrative Service) cadre of the TATA group (12 Years) & as a successful first-gen entrepreneur (18 years & still counting)

As a corporate & business strategist he brings to table an ability to offer an eagles eye overview and an ant like attention to detail at once. A multi industry strategic width and cross functional depth at the same time. A battle plan strategy from the war room with the experience of having been in the trenches. He work in the area of corporate strategy, business strategy & functional strategy. For his clients, he has begun new projects, built brands, improved processes , increased revenue, diversified business’, future proofed strategy and much more. He has helped leaders and entrepreneurs realize their full potential to succeed. he is a great friend, philosopher & guide and forge enduring relationships with individual, corporations, media & policy makers.

Because of his practical approach emanating from the experiences both as a professional manager & an entrepreneur, he has cultivated a reputation of an “applied strategist”. He is invited to speak at industry fora & am a regular columnist on policy & business matters in leading media. His career resource YouTube channel #CareerTainment offers help to professional managers, entrepreneurs and students. He was also the consulting editor of Dalal Street Journal & is a media owner himself and is on the academic boards of leading institutions like Symbiosis & JAGSOM (previously IFIM)

He has a multi-industry & cross functional strategic & operational insight that is his USP